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Girl in Dreams
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I was born to be alone... This is only my soltitude. This is only my pain. My thoughts and dreams. And I almost open the door in it. Because when I need to open my soul in words, I'am here. Because nobody else won't understand me. Only silence. And maybe you...
A fucking stubbornate... A fucking me
Strange person living in this journal. Maybe it seems that I'm psycho, but I'm not. I just have my own feelings, my own pride. I'm the egoistic moron sometimes. I like to act like I want. But... I'm just a stupid child with an adult mind.
Just a thoughtful moron

These women can crush you with a single look, ruin your life with a few strategically placed words, break your heart even before the realization that you surrendered it to them willingly hits you, they can make you do things you would normally never do, and they ask everything of you without giving anything back. They are the ones you see very rarely, mainly because they seem to exist in their own high priced world where luxury is a right.

Contrary to what you may think their world is not an easy one to live in. They fight their own little wars everyday: perfection, wealth, and just something more. Always something fucking more… Because of this, they find stability in solitude. No one to stab you in the back if you don’t let them in, right?

But sometimes there are exceptions… And they do give you their trust. They do allow you in. They allow you to spend the night in their bed, they allow you to claim them as yours when in fact they would never even conceive of agreeing to such a thing in the past, they allow you to kiss them and touch them and know their secrets.

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